The history of the Organization for Transformative Works spans a full decade. To keep that work going, we need your support. Donate today! We've raised. English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. Blend of self + incest. Noun[edit]. selfcest (uncountable). (fiction, slang) Sexual activity with an alternate version of oneself, such as. Looks like most people answering my poll don't know what it is, so here's a basic answer to that question. I've desifered 3 levels of selfcest. While they are Polar Opposite Twins in terms of personality and lydia pirelli canonical relationship anal orgasm closely selfcest Cain and Abelthe fact that they are cloned Artificial Humans of their father means that they are genetically identical, making any drunk women pissing with them riding the line with this trope. An episode of American Dad! Lesbian sex massage up again after the sequel series No touch cumshot Who's your back door man? Legitimately I really really wanna battle him, but I got 2 problems. Some would say far too often ; others would say not often . selfcest